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Daily Link Dump


  • Colin Farrell should never, ever take his shirt off again. [DR]
  • DictionaryGirl and I like to give each other blogs shout-outs. That’s true friendship, dudes. [TN]
  • Hayden Panettiere gets her wig on. [RR]
  • Surfers help Matthew McConaughey avoid the paps. [WIMB]
  • Rod Stewart’s nip-sucking almost made me lose my lunch. [TB]
  • David Beckham makes little kids cry. [BB]
  • Is Corey Feldman implying he was molested by Michael Jackson? [AIW]
  • Jennifer Lopez made an ass out of herself with her diva antics. [HMG]
  • Hugh Hefner gets freaky ’til the break-a-break-a-dawn. [GB]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker knows she’s old-looking. [CB]
  • Miranda Kerr is so dreamy. [DH]
  • Keira Knightley gets naked for “The Edge of Love.” [CFW]
  • Is Eva Longoria knocked up? [SOW]
  • Ooo wee, Pam Anderson. [CS]
  • Heidi Montag is still attempting to sing. [PB]
  • Tori Spelling’s husband has a whack pedicure. [CK]
  • Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong spent the weekend hanging out around paparazzi. [FH]
  • Seal is proud of his new ride. [CDL]
  • I like your pants. [AY]
  • Minnie Driver is seriously knocked up. [IDWYL]
  • Heidi Klum popped out some cute kiddos. [DS]
  • Check out the wild turkey in Boston pecking at the illegally parked Cadillac. [RF]

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  • DG June 23, 2008, 6:32 pm

    Hollaaaa!!! :D

    I have to update that one again super-soon. We’re building an education site at work right now and it’s eating up whole days at a time.

    In related-to-Link Dump news, I love the Coreys. They’re so adorably moronic. Also Farrell looks like the hobos who live in the bushes along my freeway on-ramp.

  • kittie June 24, 2008, 8:58 pm

    dear god, don’t click the rod stewart link

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