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Daily Link Dump


  • Miley Cyrus is in talks to star in a film which requires a nude scene. [AIW]
  • Estelle Getty died at the age of 84 early today. [BB]
  • Lady Bunny joins PETA against KFC. [PB]
  • Deelishis should consider a one-piece bathing suit. [CS]
  • Does Danielle Lloyd actually have a career? [DH]
  • Police arrested Christian Bale for allegedly assaulting his mother and sister. [DR]
  • Naomi Campbell doesn’t want to pay a $400 hotel bill. [FH]
  • Johnny Rotten said crazy, racist shit? No way! I’m being sarcastic, btw. [GB]
  • Sherri Shepherd said she’s had more abortions than she can count. [GH]
  • Alec Baldwin is totes pissed at Diane Sawyer. [HMG]
  • Nicole Richie attempted to shoot a Good Charlotte tour video. [SOW]
  • Jennifer Garner shows the pregnancy norks. [TB]
  • Kate Hudson is looking oddly thick. [BST]
  • Mick Marrs from Motley Crue opens up about his illness. [RR]
  • Here’s “2008’s Most Bangalicious Celebrities.” [PJ]
  • I have no clue how James Blunt gets girls to do this in front of him. [YH]
  • I don’t really need to see Brooke Hogan in Playboy. [WIMB]
  • In case you were curious, Kelly Osbourne is not engaged. [SD]
  • Lindsay Lohan is back on the set of “Ugly Betty.” [DL]

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  • renae July 22, 2008, 10:11 pm

    miley already has too much drama on nudity and skin as it is. i hope this is a rumor to get people talking, because if it isn’t, it would be absolutely nothing short of stupid of her. if people think her image is already damaged, it will be almost done for. she’ll be the next pre-britney. plus she’s a minor, so i can’t seem to believe that…

  • Ta2dMom July 23, 2008, 9:45 am

    Are they going to blame Annie Leibowitz for Miley’s nude scene? Jesus, I hope she doesn’t do it. I don’t need that kind of crap in my life with my daughter. (Who happens to love Miley) Ugh!

  • Herman Bumfudle July 24, 2008, 7:57 am

    you don’t have to be as smart as a chimpanzee to figure out that everyone is entitled to their gratuitous private moments, and its really none of your business. but miley cyrus nude in a movie scene because of her private photos. that would be as gratuitous as halle berry getting dicked by billy bob thornton.

    there’s a big difference between getting caught in a gratuitous private moment, and broadcasting to the world that you’re willing to let anyone do your poo for a dollar.

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