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Daily Link Dump

  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel enjoy photo ops in Rome. [BS]
  • Adnan Ghalib still hints about a Britney Spears sex tape. [CK]
  • Jennifer Aniston is still on vacation. [YH]
  • Jennie Garth cutes it up. [IDWYL]
  • Non-shocker: James Franco looks stoned again. [PB]
  • Random ungroomed Jodie Sweetin appearance. [IBBB]
  • Katie Holmes has officially turned into a Tom Cruise clone. [WIMB]
  • Critics aren’t into Britney Spears’ new single. [AIW]
  • Hugh Hefner is reportedly close to filing bankruptcy. [BB]
  • Bruce Springsteen will perform during the Super Bowl’s half-time show. [CFW]
  • Jermaine Dupri had a few too many drinks, and barfed in Janet Jackson’s lap. [CNW]
  • Heath Ledger’s insurance doesn’t want to pay out on his $10 million policy, because they claimed he committed suicide. [HMG]
  • Ugh, Katy Perry doll. [SOW]
  • Most ridiculous-looking ad ever. [CDL]
  • Vanessa Hudgens andZac Efron promote High School Musical 3. [BST]
  • Aubrey O’Day is disgusting. [TB]
  • This dude dumped Megan Fox. [RR]
  • AreSarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel back on? [CB]
  • A look inside Britney Spears’ chicken grease palace. [CS]
  • Victoria Beckham’s “beauty secrets.” [DS]
  • Audrina Patridge plus fake boob cleavage. [DR]
  • Dennis Quaid would like Meg Ryan to STFU. [DL]
  • Jennifer Lopez launched another new fragrance. [INMF]
  • Robert Blake is bringing sexy back. [GB]
  • Hit some links! [RF]

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  • Ta2dMom September 29, 2008, 10:58 pm

    Haha, that guy that broke up with Megan Fox was just lucky he had her in the first place. Dude is FUG!
    Also, I’m scared as HELL of that picture of Katie Holmes. YIKES!

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