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In Case You Were Wondering…

It’s Wednesday, so I think I probably know what’s on your mind this morning. Hang on, I’m going to guess: you’re wondering what David Beckham is like in the sack. I’m right, right?

Well, anyhoo, some old whore who boffed David a few years ago, is still bragging about the adultress affair. Rebecca Loos once worked as a personal assistant to the soccer star, until the press publicized their affair in 2004. Although it’s been four years since David admitted to the affair, Rebecca is still trying to make a dollar off the scandal.

In her most recent interview, Rebecca told The Sun that David ranked “eight or eight and a half” out of ten for his performance in bed.

“Yeah, he was good. He looks like he’d be good. You can usually tell.”

When asked what the midfielder would score out of ten, she added: “Eight, eight and a half. And very confident. It’s nice when a man is confident in the bedroom.”

Loos, 31, who earns a living through reality shows and modeling, also put the boot into Posh, 34, rating her the world’s least attractive woman star.

Asked who was the “least fanciable female celeb” she said: “We both know what I’m thinking! But I’ll just stir it up… I’ll just say anyone who’s skeleton thin and plastic looking.”

Asked what she would say if she bumped into Posh, she said: “Not much, probably.”

I would hope Victoria Beckham would knocked her skanky ass the eff out if they ever bumped into each other.

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  • Ta2dMom October 16, 2008, 9:39 am

    That’s a very good guess, that’s on my mind just about every day.
    But, this bitch should just shut up. She’s trying to hold onto her 15 minutes of fame and she just looks desperate.

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