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Daily Link Dump

  • Another haggard day for Katie Holmes. [SOW]
  • NYPD fear a Jonas Brothers-induced mob. [TB]
  • Drew Barrymore is dating Jason Segel. [WIMB]
  • Latest box office numbers. [BST]
  • Bitten and Bound has some exclusive coverage on the Jennifer Seitz case. [BB]
  • Twins, y/n? [CK]
  • Check out “The United States of Tara.” [PB]
  • No plastic surgery for Cate Blanchett. [INMF]
  • Woody Harrelson finally married his baby-mama. [HMG]
  • Ed Westwick left speechless by his man-crush, David Beckham. [GB]
  • Non-shocker: Lily Allen topless again. [DR]
  • What the fuck is up with the Palin Family and goofy “T” names? [DS]
  • Britney Spears wants to entertain the troops. [CFW]
  • Sean Combs wants to pay for your cab ride home on NYE. [CDL]
  • Mickey Rourke called Sean Penn an “average homophobe.” [AIW]
  • Dita Von Teese and Katy Perry say hello. [IDWYL]

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  • Kristie December 31, 2008, 12:29 pm

    Hehhehe, your Drew Barrymore link goes to the Coffee & Tea group!

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