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Daily Link Dump

  • Kate Moss attempts to time-travel back to an age when Claire’s Boutique was still cool. [CVL]
  • Kathy Griffin’s best Paris Hilton imitation. [AS]
  • Marg Helgenberger and her long-time husband are dunzo. [SOW]
  • A former housekeeper sued Kobe Bryant and his wife for being shitty employers. [DS]
  • Guess dat ass. [CS]
  • Oh gross. [TB]
  • Casting news for the next “Twilight” film. [TS]
  • Dina Lohan aggressively Twitters. [POTP]
  • Check out the trailer for “Where the Wild Things Are.” [HMG]
  • Lauren Conrad’s clothing line is dunzo. [AG]
  • Kanye West is the smartest man alive, umkay? [CNW]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker just keeps getting more and more beautiful. [JS]
  • Neither? [AY]
  • I want one! [LS]
  • Madonna said knock you out. [BB]
  • Amy Winehouse is never gonna give you up, never gonna run around and desert you.  [YH]
  • Angeline Jolie wants Brad Pitt to keep his paws to himself. [PB]
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt drags the paparazzi on vacation in Mexico. [BST]
  • Who got the boot from Dancing with the Stars? It’s complicated. [AIW]

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  • kATE March 26, 2009, 9:25 am

    Where the Wild Things Are looks like it could be one of the greatest movies of all time. I hope it’s not disappointing…

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