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Good News for Farrah Fawcett

We finally have some hopeful news from Farrah Fawcett: the 62 year old actress was released from the hospital today. Farrah entered the hospital on April 2 after she suffered from internal bleeding. Doctors said they were uncertain if the bleeding had anything to do with her battle with anal cancer.

“She’s walking and in great in spirits and looking forward to celebrating Easter at home,” her treating physician, Dr. Lawrence Piro, tells People. “Her home has been stocked with her favorite teas and food and she’s looking forward to enjoying them.”

Farrah left the LA hospital with ex-husband Ryan O’Neal. Their son, Redmond, meanwhile, remains in jail after being charged with heroin possession on Tuesday.


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  • Ta2dMom April 13, 2009, 2:37 pm

    Redmond is a pimple on the ass of humanity. I hope he just goes away. Ugh!
    And, I really would love to see Ryan and Farrah back together forever.

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