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Daily Link Dump

  • No thanks. [YH]
  • T.I. reported to jail today. [BB]
  • Danielle Lloyd was thrown through a glass coffee table during a fight at a London nightclub. [AIW]
  • Check out the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new video for “Heads Will Roll.” [PB]
  • Colin Farrell is serving as best man at his brother’s wedding to his long-time boyfriend. [WIMB]
  • Why does Avril Lavigne dress like such an asshole? [IDWYL]
  • Bethenny Frankel needs to put her ass away. [PB]
  • But Charlotte Gainsbourg can leave her’s out. [TB]
  • Adam Lambert isn’t joining Queen. [DS]
  • Holly Madison had her tramp stamp removed. [BS]
  • Red Bull is always at fault. [CS]
  • Jessica Biel isn’t sure how she feels about marriage. [GB]
  • Jodie Marsh is a bodybuilder now. [GH]
  • Kanye West and Rihanna allegedly hooked up. [HMG]
  • Amy Winehouse’s career just took another knock. [CVL]
  • Random Robert Downey Jr appearance. [AS]
  • The Beastie Boys performed on Jimmy Fallon’s show. [JS]
  • Clay Aiken apologized for dissing Adam Lambert. [POTP]
  • The cover of Brooke Hogan’s new album cover looks like the hood of a gang-banger’s car. [AG]
  • Evangeline Lilly will piss anywhere. [CNW]
  • Katy Perry does Complex Magazine. [BST]
  • Katie Holmes’ pants are ridiculous. [AY]

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  • Victor May 27, 2009, 11:14 am

    good gawd. I’ve seen better ta-ta’s in National Geographic

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