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Hayden Panettiere is Rebellious

Hayden Panettiere admitted to bringing her mother to tears after she got a tattoo without her permission. The now-18 year old “Heroes” star said she got a tattoo on her ankle while still under-aged, and managed to hide it from her mother for quite a while.

“It’s a Leo symbol on my ankle. My mom didn’t see it for ages.”

The tattoo didn’t remain a secret for a long as an acting job intervened, revealing the hidden body art.

She continues: “Then, I was being body-scanned for a special effect on Heroes. And she saw it, tried to rub it off and suddenly I realized. Her eyes welled up.”

I wonder if her mother cried when she saw the photos of a 15 year old Hayden hanging off a stripper pole and smoking cigarettes with Paris Hilton?

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  • Ta2dMom August 31, 2007, 1:39 pm

    Yeah, I’d be more upset by my daughter hanging out with Paris than getting a tattoo. But, I have to wonder who was giving underage girls tattoos without a parent signature. I know the shop I go to wouldn’t do it.

  • CKDexterHaven August 31, 2007, 4:00 pm

    I say she has about 2-3 more years of hotness left. Let the countdown begin.

  • margaretta September 1, 2007, 9:08 am

    It’s begun…and it’s OVAH

  • Anonymous September 2, 2007, 9:19 pm

    hayden in one of the few celebs left that isn’t messed up. leave her alone.

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