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Daily Link Dump


  • Eva Mendesgets assy. [DS]
  • The Daily Show is set to return. [DH]
  • Random Rose McGowanand iPhone appearance. [WLC]
  • Borat and Ali G are dunzo according to Sacha Baron Cohen. [BS]
  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s holiday video is annoying. [CB]
  • Carmen Electra does an aerobic striptease. [GH]
  • Paris Hiltonand her pizza boy slutted up Hollywood last night. [BST]
  • Janice Dickinson is the most annoying woman on earth. [SOW]
  • Rumor of the Day: Scott Peterson allegedly has AIDS. Oh… bummer. [JZ]
  • If Britney Spearsthinks it’s ok for babies to chew on nail polish bottles. [WW]
  • Aww, Ann Curry ruined Christmas for Brangelina. [GB]
  • Speaking of Brangelina, Maddox has interesting taste in accessories. [RC]
  •  Breaking news: Jessica Biel loves Baja Fresh. [RR]

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