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Brad Renfro was Somone’s Dad


Brad Renfro’s on/off girlfriend spoke to Us Weekly about the last time she spoke to the actor before his death last week. Samantha Pearson said she spoke to him twelve hours before he was found dead, and he seemed to be doing well.

“At 11:45 p.m., he was drunk. The last thing I said to him was, ‘Please be careful,'” she said.

“He seemed happy, laughing, joking,” she told Us.

Brad seemed up beat a week before he died during a trip to Knoxville to visit his family. He discussed his four year old son, Yamato, and wondered if he should marry the child’s mother.

“In other years, we had to babysit him,” his cousin Jesse Hasek told Us. “This time, he was like, ‘I’ve got it figured out.’ It was the happiest I’ve seen him.”

In Knoxville, Renfro glowed about Yamato, who lives in Japan full-time with his mom. (Yamato was “unplanned,” Hasek told Us, and his mother is “a friend he had over there.”)

“He asked me, ‘Do you think I should marry her? I like the feeling of family,'” Hasek recalled. “It crushed Brad that his kid lived on the other side of the world. He was saying, ‘I should bring them over permanently and be a part of their lives.'”

Although his friends and family seemed to think he was doing well before he died, it didn’t stop Brad from getting “Fuck All Y’All” tattooed across his back two days before his death.

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  • Ta2dMom January 26, 2008, 10:19 am

    What? He had a few moments of clarity and his friends and family thought “Oh good, he’s fine then no need to worry” ?

  • camile January 26, 2008, 4:13 pm

    there is always happiness before death

  • EgbertNoBacon January 26, 2008, 8:24 pm

    Yamato? That is an old name for Japan.

  • CocoabutteR January 26, 2008, 10:52 pm

    you say Yamato, I say Ya-mah-to

  • Nomi January 27, 2008, 1:38 am

    ^^Perhaps that’s why he called the whole thing off.

    You know, like permanently.

  • natalie February 1, 2008, 10:49 am

    i am still in shock, and it sort of comforts me to know that a piece of brad renfro is still on earth. brad renfro was such an amazing actor, whenever i watch a movie of his i can’t help but believe every emotion he is acting out and every word he says.
    he was honestly one of the most underrated actors ever. RIP.. ill miss watching you grow as an actor.

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