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Winehouse Goes Back on the Pipe?


Sources close to Amy Winehouse claimed the singer recently started using drugs again. Although Amy is currently in a out-patient rehab program, friends said she is “getting back to her worst.”

A friend said: “Amy’s in an awful state again,  she’s clearly on drugs. Many of us think full-time residential rehab is the only option but she won’t go back.”

“She was smoking cannabis and drinking heavily as soon as she left rehab. That has now increased. Everyone who’s seen her in the last week or so has been really disturbed by the state she’s in. She’s getting back to her worst.

“It was hoped her new album and fashion range would keep her focused but it hasn’t worked.”

In what might be a positive move, Amy reportedly decided to give up her London home and relocate to the countryside. Amy is looking at homes in the Buckinghamshire area, which I’m guessing is a relatively crack-free location.



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  • Darth Paul February 29, 2008, 10:46 am

    No place in all of Britain is crack free, unfortunately.

    She’ll need to get arrested before she quits. Even an OD wouldn’t dent her momentum at this point (short of it killing her).

  • joni March 1, 2008, 2:45 pm

    ..a ‘friend’ says she is clearly on drugs, the ‘friend’ or the ‘sources’
    who the tabloids will often claim they can not name. They are
    masters at stirring truth into lies. Why would anyone think they
    would not embellish the events of Winehouses’ life, tho I believe
    Winehouse is very sly and thankg-d that is the one defense she
    has. It would not suprise me if she purposely gives the press
    things to chew on, she is followed everywhere, there is an audience everywhere Winehouse is, so when you have an audience you

  • Laura March 3, 2008, 2:10 pm

    Really, does anyone refer to it as cannibis anymore?

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