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Amy Winehouse Arrested


London police arrested Amy Winehouse today in connection with her husband Blake’s extortion plot. Amy arrived at a East London police station at 5pm to turn herself over to authorities, who fingerprinted, interviewed, photographed, and according to British law, DNA tested the singer.

Police believe Amy was aware of the $400,000 plot allegedly devised by Blake to bribe witnesses in his upcoming assault trial. Blake and his other accomplices remain behind bars at a North London prison until a January 18 hearing.

Investigating officers have now turned their attentions to Miss Winehouse.

Police have confiscated her mobile phone records, bank details and computer software which could provide evidence of the star’s alleged involvement in the plot.

They also visited the singer’s accountants, the prestigious London-based firm Smallfield Cody, in an attempt to track all of her financial dealings.

What is known is that while Fielder-Civil has virtually no income as record industry gofer, his wife has amassed huge earnings from her award-winning yet fledgling career.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “A 24-year-old woman has been arrested by appointed at an East London police station.

“The arrest was in connection with an investigation into perverting the course of justice.”

Amy was later released on bail until her hearing in March.

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  • testykitty December 18, 2007, 5:18 pm

    i know she’s a pathetic, drug addled, toothpick…but i think she’s totally been played by this guy. he seems like a real opportunist.

  • Ta2dMom December 18, 2007, 6:52 pm

    Maybe she should go to jail. Maybe that’d get her cleaned up. They have rehab in jail don’t they? Or she could serve the time in a state facility for rehab? Either way, I hope she gets away from him.
    And I agree with testykitty, that guy is such a leach and is just using her for the money and the drugs.

  • jdb December 19, 2007, 6:15 am

    Lord knows I hate to be superficial at a time like this, but how many people do you know that can get that skinny and retain their boobies without surgical help?

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