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My Girl Just Wants to Party All the Time

According to Life & Style Magazine, Jamie Lynn Spears hasn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of blowing off steam. The mag claimed 4 1/2 month pregnant teenager has made her mother Lynne worry about the health of Jamie’s baby due to her alleged smoking and drinking.

“She’s been going out with her friends recently and staying out late,” L&S’s insider said. “Her mom and dad are both worried that Jamie’s late-night partying isn’t good for her or her child.”

“Jamie Lynn continues to break every rule Lynne makes,” a family friend shared with the magazine, “and there are no consequences.”

“Everything in Jamie Lynn’s life is causing stress right now,” another insider told L&S. ”She’s worried about her career, her relationship with Casey (the baby’s father) and being a mom at 16.”

Well, I guess she should be worried about her career: there aren’t many roles on Nickelodeon for a 16 year old mother.

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  • Ta2dMom January 28, 2008, 10:13 am

    Wow, so she’s basically turning into her older sister? Nice.
    See, the thing is, maybe Brit isn’t crazy, she’s just trash, raised by trash, and raised to be trash. Jamie Lynn is just doing the same. It’s the natural progression.

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